• Which areas do you cover?
    England, from top to bottom. Most of my weddings are London based, but I have filmed in Cumbria, Devon, Kent and Yorkshire… still to film in Northumberland but hopefully won’t be long 🙂
  • How many camera operators will there be?
    I use 3 Identical cameras for the ceremony, speeches, cake cutting and first dance. I operate 1 manually and 2 remotely so I get multi camera recording but keep a very low profile.
  • How do you record the audio from the ceremony and speeches?
    With very good gear, I have 8 lapel microphones and 4 room ambient room microphones. I dont always use them all, it depends on the size of the room and the number of speakers, but it is better to be prepared that struggle on the day.
  • How long will my wedding film last?
    It really depends on how long the ceremony and the speeches last, but normally:
    – The Highlight Film is 4 to 8 minutes
    – The Feature Film is 60 to 90 minutes
  • We would like to book with you. What next?
    Just contact us and we either by phone or bey or by following this link and filling out our booking form. We will then discuss with you about your big day and answer and questions you may have to you are 100% happy with the whole process.
  • Can we meet with you before the wedding?
    We would really like to meet with you before the wedding. That way we can have a good understanding of what your expectations are, discuss what we can do to make your wedding video specific to you, discover anything that is special or special to you at your wedding and answer any questions or concerns you may have.
    We prefer to meet in person, but sometimes this is not always possible due to availabilities, distances etc in which case we will try and arrange a meeting by skype or at the least by phone.

  • On our wedding day, what will you need from us?
    Most of the time on your wedding day we will be in the background filming you and the guests and we will always try to be as discreet as possible. There will be a few occasions where we will ask for you to work with us to get a few sentimental shots during the day but for most of the time, we want you to imagine we are not even there.
  • What will be different about how you film to someone we know who is good with a camcorder?
    This is our job, it is what we do for a living.
    We now light and angles. We know how to be in the right place at the right time.
    We make sure all the odds are on our side by having the latest professional video and audio recording equipment.
    We know how to move the camera so that your video is not functional, it is enchanting.

  • What music will you use?
    The laws of music distribution are very strict ad apply to wedding videos.
    We can provide you with an edit of the video with any music you wish that it for your personal use and not for distribution in anyway including the internet. We will also provide you with a version of the video with music where we have the licence to use and distribute over the internet