In January 2020 I was nominated and WON…
Best Wedding Video Specialist 2020, England by LuxLife magazine.

Like most good videographers, I started as a professional photographer learning the art of light and composition.

Around 8 years ago,
a client asked, ‘could I do a promotional video for them’,
I said… ‘technically, I could’
they said… ‘have a go’
I said… ‘ok’

and that was the start of my passion for film.

This led to being asked to video a wedding, something I had always avoided
as a photographer.
The results astonished me, and the feedback was intoxicating.

Since that first wedding, I have perfected that art of wedding video,
aligned my gear and now produce around 40 weddings per year and have shot over
150 weddings.

There is a fine line between capturing the mood and being annoying, I
know the line
. Experience brings knowing where and when to be to get
the shot and how to be accepted by all involved in the wedding day which is not
as easy as it sounds 🙂

My passion and drive is for the We Love It’
text from the newlyweds. This is what inspires me to deliver wedding videos
that have the feel of a Hollywood production and melt hearts.

Ian 🙂